Sorting successfully at school

Children and teachers generate waste just like everyone else, and it is important to learn how to sort waste and how to keep the environment clean at school, just as it is at home.

Supported by the Flanders Region, your intermunicipal company and Fost Plus helps to make pupils and teachers aware of these challenges. We offer, among other things, free trash cans and communication materials, as well as educational workshops and an interactive module to learn how to sort.

And because we think good sorting habits are as important as learning to read and write, we offer all these options free of charge.

Free educational workshops

In partnership with the intermunicipal waste collection companies, the Flemish Region and the enthusiastic activity leaders at GoodPlanet, we’re offering free educational workshops to preschool and primary school children. These workshops alert children to issues such as littering, waste prevention and waste management.

What’s happening in the Kingdom of Garbage?

Viesvuilland (Kingdom of Garbage) is an educational activity, tailored to very young children, with a fairytale theme. The children learn about preventing, sorting and recycling waste as part of play, starting from their own world and experiences. Experienced trainers help children learn why this is so vital and supervise the workshop.

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 “Leren Afval Beheren op School” (LABO, Learning to manage waste at school) is an interactive course for primary school children. It raises  awareness of waste and focuses on the prevention, reuse, sorting and recycling of waste. The children learn about all aspects of the sorting process, and are given practical tips, which they can immediately apply at school and at home.

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Da’s proper!

 “Da’s proper!” (Zero waste!) is a workshop about waste management to teach children about sorting rules, recycling, prevention, reuse, litter, the social economy, sustainable development and legislation. This is achieved informally, using a quiz format and through role-playing, and also through serious debate. The workshops always use young peoples’ own experiences as a starting point.

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Learn to sort online

Sorting effectively is only possible if everyone contributes - pupils and teachers, as well as other employees at your school. Is their knowledge up-to-date? It’s easy to find out through our online learning module.

Free materials for better sorting at school

Fost Plus helps schools sort waste efficiently with PMD and paper-cardboard crates and containers. Orders can be placed through your municipality or intermunicipal company.

You can also request free communication materials, including stickers for waste bins, awareness posters, and sorting instruction posters.