Projects in your municipality

Fost Plus helps keep your municipality clean and improve the selective collection. We make our knowledge and expertise available and provide support for specific projects.

Rejected PMD bags

Incorrectly sorted PMD bags with a rejection sticker are often just left out in the street. Fost Plus has already helped numerous municipalities and intermunicipal companies tackle this problem, among others with pilot projects using identification systems for PMD bags. Much to the satisfaction of residents.

PMD residual

Do you want to reduce the quantity of residual waste in PMD bags? Fost Plus helps you inform residents and raise their awareness, with communication campaigns and rounds during which student workers or stewards approach residents directly. We have also already undertaken numerous successful pilot projects with alternative collection systems for tower blocks and apartment buildings.

Glass collection sites

Do you have a litter problem at your glass collection sites? Fost Plus will develop a systematic approach for getting your glass collection sites clean again. We use tried and tested methods and the best practices of other municipalities and intermunicipal companies.


Fost Plus can help you tackle litter in your municipality. We do this by supporting regional initiatives: in Flanders and BeWapp in Wallonia. We offer free materials for litter clean-up campaigns: grippers, fluorescent jackets, gloves, signs for verges and waste bags. We also provide logistical and financial support for specific litter projects. You can find all the information you need at and


Keep neighborhood parties, festivals, flea markets and other local events clean thanks to the sorting islands and the related communication materials from Fost Plus. All the material is made available through your intermunicipal company. Fost Plus will also help you set up specific awareness-raising campaigns for events.

Better and more efficient collection 

What is the ideal frequency for collecting PMD, glass or paper-cardboard? How do you limit the nuisance for residents and the impact of the collection on your municipality’s mobility? How can you further reduce CO2 emissions and the cost of waste collection? Fost Plus will help you to improve waste collection in your municipality and make it more efficient.

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