Informing your residents

Do you have plans for raising public awareness about sorting and recycling waste in your municipality? Do you want to set up a specific campaign? Or are you simply looking for inspiration? Fost Plus can help you!

Ready-to-use articles

Fost Plus has developed a series of articles about the sorting and recycling of household packaging waste, ready for immediate use. Each article deals with a specific theme, in line with citizens’ frequently asked questions or frequently occurring sorting errors.

The articles are ready to use as part of your communication strategy and include illustrations and photos. You can download a Dutch or French version. An English translation is not available.


 This is just a small selection of the articles on offer. For further information, please contact us at


Communication materials

Fost Plus offers a wide variety of communication materials to help you inform residents and raise awareness about the sorting and disposal of household waste, including: 

  • Red rejection stickers for incorrectly sorted PMD bags;
  • Flyers, informative brochures, sorting guides and door hangers which collectors can leave behind with residents who made sorting errors;
  • Postersstickers and signs for waste bins.

All requests must be made through the intermunicipal companies, who can order the material directly from Fost Plus.


Household waste collection in your municipality

Fost Plus can help you inform residents about waste collection times, sorting rules, opening hours for container parks, etc, using the following:

  • Waste collection calendar. Fost Plus can help you develop a waste collection calendar for your municipality, in print or online.
  • Recycle! app for smartphones and tablets. Recycle! may well be the waste collection calendar of the future. It provides residents with all the information they need about the waste collections in their street, nearby container parks and collection points, and the sorting rules for PMD, glass, and paper and cardboard.


Campaigns and activities

Would you like to set up a special campaign to raise your residents’ awareness about sorting household waste?

Fost Plus can help!

We have developed many successful campaigns in collaboration with intermunicipal companies and municipalities throughout the country. Below are some examples that may provide inspiration:

  • Travelling and interactive exhibitions about recycling and sorting;
  • Sorting quizzes for diverse target audiences and occasions;
  • Training programs on sorting and household waste for integration courses;
  • Apps and other digital tools;
  • Sorting competitions, games and entertainment for markets, events, and shopping centers, etc.;
  • Support for environmental theme days in schools, associations and companies;
  • Advertising, radio ads, posters, and websites for awareness-raising campaigns;
  • Cookbook with inexpensive, environmentally-friendly recipes for students;
  • Read-aloud book for children on the theme of sorting and recycling;
  • Waste workshops for specific target audiences;
  • ...

More information?

Do you have an idea for a fun campaign for your municipality or intermunicipal company? Be sure to tell us about it! We can help.

Please contact Fost Plus at