Our history

Fost Plus was founded in 1994 as a voluntary initiative of the private sector. Shortly after, the selective collection of household packaging waste was implemented throughout Belgium. No other European country scores better than Belgium when it comes to the quantity and quality of sorting. Here’s an overview of what we’ve achieved so far:


Fost Plus is established. The first PMD bags appear in Belgian municipalities shortly afterwards. The selective collection of household packaging waste becomes a reality in our country.


The Interregional Cooperation Agreement defines the legal framework for the collection and recycling of household packaging waste. Fost Plus receives an accreditation to fulfil the take-back obligation for its members.


Belgium becomes the European champion in the recycling of household packaging waste. Nowhere in Europe is more waste sorted, or waste sorted better. Our country still retains its leading position today.


The first educational activities are launched in Belgian schools in cooperation with Good Planet. Children are taught to sort waste in a playful manner.


Fost Plus launches the first large-scale anti-littering campaign in cooperation with the Flemish government and OVAM, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders.


Fost Plus makes significant investments in the promotion of out-of-home sorting and launches various projects at such locations as the Bloso sports centres and Brussels Airport.


More than 100,000 Belgians download the Recycle! app to their smartphone.


Fost Plus investigates the possible expansion of the PMD bag. In early 2016, test projects with a purple P+MD bag are launched in six Belgian municipalities.


Fost Plus signs cooperation agreements with the regions of Belgium to join forces in the battle against litter. The intent is to bring about a sustainable behavioural change among the Belgian public.