Fost Plus extends and simplifies selective sorting.

Fost Plus extends and simplifies selective sorting.

From 2019 onwards, all plastic packaging can be put in the blue bag. This new system both simplifies sorting for the general public and represents a major step forward towards a recycling solution for all packaging put on the market.

Fost Plus extends and simplifies selective sorting of plastic packaging for the general public:

  • A single blue bag, collected from homes, for all plastic packaging, metal packaging and drinks cartons.
  • The aim is to gradually extend the new system throughout Belgium over a two-year period between 1 January 2019 and 2021.
  • This development will make it possible to collect an additional 8 kg/year/inhabitant which, according to Fost Plus, should be processed in a limited number of state-ofthe-art sorting centres enabling sustainable and high-value recycling.
  • Belgium will therefore be able to achieve a recycling rate of 64%, well above the European recommendations (currently 22.5%, with 45-55% expected from 2025).
  • By means of this development, Fost Plus intends to promote the circular economy and ultimately aims to offer a recycling solution for all packaging put on the market.

A new boost for the circular economy

Belgium currently has the highest recycling rate for household packaging in Europe – something to be proud of – thanks to the collection system for glass (via bottle banks), paper/cardboard and PMD set up by Fost Plus and its members, companies putting packaging products on the market, partners and, above all, the general public.

However, guided by a long-term vision, Fost Plus and its members want to go even further to promote the circular economy. This is why they have decided to take this new step in optimizing the selective collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging waste.

Simplified sorting rules

Since Fost Plus introduced selective sorting of household packaging waste in Belgium, only plastic bottles and containers have been accepted in ‘blue’ bags, along with metal packaging and drinks Press release Fost Plus • December 15th, 2017 2/3 cartons. From 2019 onwards, sorting will be easier for the general public: all types of plastic packaging will be accepted in the blue bags, including yoghurt pots, food trays and plastic film.

As regards the bag, Fost Plus is keeping the blue colour, which is a fixture in the daily lives of households, since the ‘blue bag’ is now part of everyday vocabulary. Similarly, the term PMD will still be used.

This widening of selective sorting will please members of the public who are increasingly concerned about environmental protection. The simplification of the system, which makes sorting even easier, will lead to an increase in the volume of packaging that is recycled and hence save resources.

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