What does it cost?

As a Fost Plus member, you pay an annual contribution for the collection, sorting and recycling of your household packaging. The amount of your contribution depends on the type and the quantity of packaging you bring onto the market.

How is your annual membership contribution calculated?

Your annual contribution is calculated based on the Green Dot rates. A fixed rate is applied for every type of material. These rates are expressed per kg or per unit depending on the declaration system you choose.

The Green Dot rates are adapted each year based on the costs Fost Plus incurs for the collection, sorting and recycling of the packaging. Revenues that Fost Plus generates from the sale of the materials are also taken into account.

This contribution amounts to at least 30 euros.

You pay no contribution for the reusable packaging in your declaration. If you only declare reusable packaging, you pay the minimum contribution of 30 euros.

The Green Dot rates per type of material

Below is an overview table of the most recent Green Dot rates for your different packaging materials.

Materials 2018 (EUR/kg) 2019 (EUR/kg)
Glass (001) 0,0273 0,0311
Paper-Cardboard (002) 0,0253 0,0223
Steel (003) 0,1514 0,0529
Aluminium (004) 0,0447 0,0339
PET bottles and flasks (005) 0,3275 0,3463
HDPE bottles and flasks (007) 0,3275 0,3418
Plastics other (011) 0,3766 0,5103
Drinks cartons (008) 0,3164 0,3541
Valorized (012 - 016) 0,3766 0,6181
Non-valorized (017-019) 0,4142 0,7818

Download the Green Dot rates for 2019:

Dutch version (pdf)

French version (pdf)

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Do you still have questions?

Please contact Fost Plus on + 32 (0)2 775 03 58 or send an e-mail to business.administration@fostplus.be