Becoming a Fost Plus member

All companies that bring household packaging onto the Belgian market should become a member of Fost Plus. But is your company one of them? Which conditions must you fulfil? How do you request your membership? And what will be the cost for your company?

Companies bringing household or industrial packaging onto the market must fulfil three legal obligations:

  1. Take-back obligation. Each year you must recycle or recover a certain percentage of the packaging you bring onto the market. As of 2009, this amounts to 80% recycling and 90% recovery.
  2. Information obligation. You must inform the Interregional Packaging Commission (IRPC) of the nature of your packaging and the achieved recycling percentages. This is how you demonstrate that you have reached the legal objectives.
  3. Triennial prevention plan. In the prevention plan, you describe the measures you will take to reduce the quantity of packaging and the objectives your company wants to achieve. This obligation applies to companies that bring at least 300 tonnes of one-way packaging onto the market every year and for companies that package products or have them packaged in Belgium with at least 100 tonnes of one-way packaging every year.

How can Fost Plus assist you?

When you become a member of Fost Plus, we can take over the take-back and information obligations for your household packaging. You pay an annual membership contribution, which Fost Plus uses to fund the collection, sorting and recycling of your household packaging.

Fost Plus is approved only for household packaging. You can contact VAL-I-PAC for industrial packaging. Any company bringing both household and industrial packaging onto the market should become a member of both organisations.