The Green Dot

The Green Dot symbol appears on much of the product packaging you use every day. The symbol indicates that the company bringing the product to the market is a member of Fost Plus, and pays a contribution towards the selective collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging, depending on the quantity and the type of packaging.

Groene Punt-Logo

Not a sorting instruction

The presence of the symbol does not indicate that the packaging is made from recycled materials. Nor is Green Dot a guarantee that the packaging on which the symbol is printed will be recycled. After all, this would depend on the material used. Nor does the Green Dot symbol indicate how you should sort your packaging. So if the Green Dot symbol appears on your packaging, this does not automatically mean that the packaging can be placed in your PMD bag.

A European symbol

The Green Dot license symbol is found on packages everywhere in Europe. Fost Plus is part of PRO Europe (Packaging Recovery Organizations Europe), the umbrella group for packaging collection and recycling organizations. 

All the member organizations of PRO Europe use the Green Dot symbol. PRO Europe is responsible for managing the licensing of the Green Dot symbol and ensures that it is used appropriately.